Bahamas March 2010

Bahamas March 2010

Time of Year You Went: March 2010


The Aquacat is a great boat, very comfortable and more room than most liveaboards.  The boat is easy to get to, being located right next to the big new Atlantis Hotel.  On shore day we walked over there for a visit, the hotel was interesting but not our thing.   On the liveaboard we went to the Exumas, the islands and scenery are gorgeous.  The staff on the boat were great, and really went out of their way to entertain non-diving guests. 

The diving is pretty basic Caribbean diving but with enough variety to keep newer divers interested.  We dove some walls, coral bommies, a blue hole, and the "washing machine" which is a very fast drift dive.  The fish life was not great, on some dives we really had to hunt to find interesting subjects to photograph.  We saw tons of the invasive lion fish, scary!!!  The crew puts on a very good shark dive with tons of reef sharks showing up.  The best part was the dive after the shark feed, we had fewer divers in the water and lots of sharks, in a less contrived setting.  

The water was cold, I wore a 7mm wetsuit with hood and still got cold.  Apparently it had been an unusually cold winter.  Would we go again, probably not unless it was for social reasons, with a group of friends.  The coral and fish life is just not that interesting in comparison to the Pacific and Indonesia etc.  For divers new to tropical diving and people more into the vacation than the diving, it could be a very pleasant trip.

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