Belize Nov

Belize Nov

Time of Year You Went: November


I had a great trip. The Belize dive adventure was wonderful. The Sunbreeze Resort was a perfect location - the dive shop took really good care of us. I love to get to a place and not have to think about anything, just enjoy it! The Blue Hole was a bit anti climatic, but the rest of the dives were great.

Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge was fantastic. It was a "rustic" lodge located riverside in a 5800 acre park. My little bungalow was off by itself, surrounded by jungle - three of the walls in the bedroom were just screens looking into the jungle (very private, but wild and natural). There was a big comfy bed in the middle of it, no power outlets, just an oil lamp, and a reading light. It had a very modern bathroom with an outdoor shower - felt like heaven to me. No TV (yay). I just crawled into bed exhausted every night and read my books, falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle, warm tropical air and waking up to the sounds of monkeys and birds.

We all ate in the main lodge and during the day, I went on trips into the jungle. The nice thing is that you are close to most of the sites, so you don't have to sit in a bus for hours. Day one was a hike to the black hole (a limestone cave 300 feet deep). We had to repel down into it and climb back out. It was a fun day. Day two was incredible - we spent hours hiking down into the bowels of the earth into an underground cave following a river, surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites, crawling in some spots, 100 feet high in others. We climbed up waterfalls (all underground) and when we came back we jumped from them into the pools. I had lots of bruises by the end of the day but it was really fun. Day three was off to Guatemala to Tikal; it was interesting but a long day. I took the next day "off" and spent it kayaking on the river with a family I met. That night the skies opened up and it rained, and rained, and rained - it didn't stop before I left Belize. Showering outside with the rain coming down harder than the shower water - amazing. I hiked over to a fresh water blue hole and had it all to myself - a private little oasis surrounded by the beauty of mother nature. It was full of fish, and so warm. I spent a totally decadent day - arranged a massage they came right to my room. They have a beautiful pool area with a hot tub that was most welcome at the end of each day!! The food wasn't fancy (buffet style) but was delicious, hardy, a good variety, and lots of it. The staff are well trained in first aid, leading adventure tours, and were very personable. Ian Anderson is quite a character and made a point to come down and visit with the guests every day at meal time. They live right on site. They were very accommodating if you needed anything at all.

My only regret is that it wasn't long enough - I didn't start to fully appreciate it until it was almost time to go. There were a number of adventures I didn't have time to try - I plan on going back there again one day. If you are recommending it to anyone they do need to know you are in the jungle; bring runners (that will get wet and dirty) and full coverage clothes for a lot of the tours. Some of the tours are tough but some are quite easy - just ask questions (there was a 6 year old and a 70 year old participating in some of them). I would highly recommend it for a jungle stay.

Auther:  R.T.