Cayman Brac July 2011

Cayman Brac July 2011

Time of Year You Went: July 2011

Brac Reef Resort


Cayman Brac

Brac Reef Resort is one of the best dive oriented resorts I've stayed at anywhere in the world and for the Carribean, hosts THE best food, resort service and dive service.   The resort is secluded and private and offered an intimate setting suitable for anything from dive marriage settings to just chilling out on hammocks by the beach or by the pool (of which our group used ALL of the facilities extensively). The food in the buffet was varied and prepared by extremely talented chefs so that each piece tasted like it was plated in 4 star restaurant.  Upon request, our vegetarian diver was given special meals at no extra cost that she described as "delicious!".

Reef Divers has a fleet of modern boats - fast, comfortable and the service on board made the diving ridiculously easy.  They offered valet diving which meant that you sat at the edge of the swim platform while they brought your gear to you and geared you uBrac Reef Resortp.  Exiting the water, they took the gear from you immediately as well.  The dive briefings were detailed enough that I was able to find everything from geological formations (channels, chutes, tunnels, bommies, etc.) to various unique coral and sponge formations, to wrecks and swim throughs on my own.  They offered a guide underwater for those who are not into navigation. :)  The guides were able to find and point out local critters (ie. sea horses!) upon request and made every effort to find the perfect dive sites for us depending on the weather and upon our groups needs (ie. sites that allowed me to conduct open water check outs while our advanced  & higher divers could still do an interesting and exciting dive by going in a different direction).

The resort was able to comfortably and professionally handle wheelchairs and paraplegic divers.  The crew we had were trained to work with them on the boat and in the water, making this an ideal place for Scubility or Adaptive Diver training and fun. :)

Having done several hundred dives in the Carribean, the diving was good, but the variety of dives was limited.  The "365" wreck has easy penetration and is definitely a fun wreck that is accessible to newer divers and does not require technical training and equipment to fully enjoy. The reefs were healthy and in good condition.   Cayman Brac is an excellent place for new divers to moderate/advanced.  Max dive time allowed was 60 minutes on the 3 boat dives daily.  Nitrox available.  Shore dives were not practical from the resort's shores/docks and transportation on the island was limited, though car rentals were fairly cheap (approx $40USD/day).  Our group ended up NOT doing any of the "unlimited shore diving" part of the package as the resort offered some fun and interesting activities every evening (movie night with free popcorn, to live music where talented divers could participate with instruments or their voices, karaoke night, bingo night with prizes from the dive shop).

All in all, it was an amazing week of good diving, great fun, and again, the BEST service I've seen in the Carribean at a resort or on a liveaboard.

Kirby Feng
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