Cozumel 2014

Cozumel 2014

Time of Year You Went: January 2014


It was a great trip. Great diving. Weather was a little on the cool side (75 degrees F.) But that is a far sight better than -17 degrees here in Canada.


Flight leaving was on time. Always happy to be on Westjet. No food but served drinks twice with water towards end of flight.

On arrival, Lomas Travel representatives were present and got us taxis to the hotel. Another representative at hotel helped us to check in and gave us information for the whole week. He said he was in hotel every day and to see him if we needed any help with excursions. 8 of the group booked a dive with them to go to the Cenotes.tony-ward-s2000czm-turtle

Aqua Safari was also at the hotel and we were all signed in and ready to go the next morning. A boat was provided for us and it was ours for all our days of diving. The Dive Masters were fantastic and very helpful. We chose our own dive sites every day. Great diving and saw lots of marine life.

tony-ward-s2000czm-eelThe hotel has really improved over the last few years. The food, whilst not 5 star, was very well prepared and offered a lot of variety and many Mexican dishes were offered. The soup was especially well done and served piping hot. This was very satisfying after the dives. The restaurant is right off the dock so we were able to get lunch right away. The hotel set up a reception for the group with drinks and hors d'oeuvres one afternoon and a group photo was taken. Everyone in the picture was given a copy.

tony-ward-s2000czm-eagle-raI think you guys have done a fantastic job in arranging this trip for us. You have done a superb job and I don't think there is anything that needs to improve.

All in all a great week spent in the warm sun and not the dreaded cold in Canada.

Tony W.