Egypt & Red Sea Feb 2012

Egypt & Red Sea Feb 2012

Time of Year You Went: February 2012


Thanks so much for planning a wonderful trip.  The weather for diving (can't do anything about that!!) was cold and windy.  They said they've never seen it so cold or windy.

The drive from Hurgada to Aswan was fun....we got to see the "real people" along the road....we were all glad that we did it even though it's a long drive.  Magit was a wonderful guide.  He's so knowledgeable and humorous. I really enjoyed him. The cruise on the Alexander the Great was fantastic!! There were only 7 on the about personalized service!!!  Loved it!!!! Again, Magit was great and also in Luxor. Got us off to Cairo very easily and booked our guide with Jolleys for us.

We were met in Cairo by Aladin who got us to our, again, wonderful hotel and booked our tour of the pyramids for the next day.  Joseph was our guide there and he, too, was very knowledgeable and accommodating.  As well, the driver was amazing. I can't imagine driving in Cairo without going total "road rage"!!!  Aladin got us checked in at Cairo airport easily and we all agreed that we couldn't have done it on our own.

Re safety....I had no issues with that whatsoever.  In Cairo we asked Aladdin about going to the Museum and Bazaar....he checked with his office and said that day they did not recommend tourists going into the downtown area where the museum is as, even though there was no problem when we were there,"you never know".  Since they know best, we agreed and only went to the pyramids.  So, no issues but listen to what the tour guides/company recommend as they live there.

The only issue we had and this has nothing to do with anything other than the Egyptian "culture"....was constantly being hounded for "baksheesh"....and hounded by sellers/store sales people. But it's "their culture" and nothing we can do.

So, thanks again for everything!