Egypt & Red Sea Feb-Mar 2012

Egypt & Red Sea Feb-Mar 2012

Time of Year You Went: February 2012


I would like to take a moment to thank you for planning and executing an excellent trip to Egypt.

Cairo was amazing.  To see the pyramids first hand is truly an experience that should not be missed, and should definitely be on the very top of the "must do" destinations for any traveler. I have been fortunate enough to have visited over 100 countries but I can truly say Egypt is exceptional.

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings were incredible.  I have not visited before, and I am now looking forward to returning with my family.  The temples have to be experienced first hand to truly appreciate the majesty.  The hotel overlooking the Nile was beautiful and the icing on the cake for me as a sailor was to have the opportunity to sail down the Nile, (a little extra tip for Captain to let me sail ...  well worth it!).

And leaving the best to last, the diving ... WOW.  The boat, Emperor Elite, was a truly luxurious vessel.  The crew were amazing and the dive masters were complete professionals.  We went to the Brothers Islands with spectacular corals and fish and a very interesting wreck.  The diving was easy for a novice, but could also challenge a more seasoned diver, so it kept it very interesting.  We dived several other reefs, and each new one seemed better than the last.  But, out of my 15 dives, none was less than excellent.  If you go in the winter or spring, (we went in March), bring a thick wet suit, at least 5mm.  It is a little cold, but with the right gear, it is very pleasant.  Oh, and don't pick up a cone shell ... and definitely don't pick up a geography cone shell, like I did!!! Look them up if you don't know what they are.

I would be remiss in not commenting on the recent events in Egypt that may have prospective travelers a little concerned.  I have been to Cairo a few times before and after the recent unrest in Egypt and was a little leery about what to expect.  I was very pleasantly surprised. I felt safe and secure at all times, more so than I have felt on previous visits.  While Egyptians are coming to terms with a new order, they appear to be doing so in a very civilized and well organized manner, and nothing like the sensational stories we hear about on CNN.  I would be happy to personally talk with any potential traveler you have who is concerned about any aspect of this trip, or of course to reinforce what I have said, to give the trip a 10 out of 10 rating and two thumbs way up!

Best regards, Tom Mosey, Florida