Egypt & Red Sea Mar 2012

Egypt & Red Sea Mar 2012

Time of Year You Went: March 2012


My compliments to you - the travel and diving came off smoothly and without logistical issues. High marks to Emperor's Divers, both the Elite and the day boats. Thank you , Mike Barlow,  Albuquerque

The Egypt accommodations, travel arrangements with upgrades and privileges, diving trips, and all other efforts planned went smoothly. The complexity of the itinerary and the positive outcome could have been less desirable if it were not for the professional assistance of Fly & Sea Dive Adventures and in particular, your help with details - Irene. Thank you.

On the Emperor Elite, two cabins above the main deck were offered to Mike and I - we gladly accepted the offer. If prior conversations with Emperor Elite and representatives of Fly & Sea Dive Adventures were instrumental in making this happen, we openly express our appreciation.

Regards, Henry Harjo, Oklahamo