Egypt & Red Sea May 2011

Egypt & Red Sea May 2011

Time of Year You Went: May 2011


I arrived home last night.
I really can’t say enough about the entire trip! It was incredible.  The tour guides were very knowledgeable and quite excellent and the Jolley people did a really great job of getting me from place to place and ensuring every detail was taken care of. I was most impressed.

The diving was nothing short of superb and the guide leaders were outstanding. The boat operations and meals were all great as well. I was very impressed by the Emperor Divers overall.  I especially appreciated that despite my novice status, the guides took me under their wing and I learned a lot. Even earned an Advanced Diver certificate, along with nitrox certification, in the process. As it turned out, my staying with the Asmaa instead of switching to the Superior worked out extremely well.

A highlight was the Steigenberger Hotel in Luxor. Very nice place and really enjoyed my stay there.

I also want to give you and the good people and Fly & Sea my sincere appreciation for the prize and all you did for me to make it work. I’ve done a lot of traveling in Europe and some in SE Asia, but this has to be one of the standout travel vacations of my life.

Thanks again, Petra. I will certainly keep you folks in mind when I next plan a major dive trip.

by Dean W.