Maldives Carpe Vita Jan 2012

Time of Year You Went: January 2012

What a great time this trip was. Everyone was super nice and we all got along really well.

Things couldn't have run more smoothly.
Traders Hotel picked me up at the airport, they were super accommodating in that I left 2 bags there (since I was traveling for over 2 weeks I had bought a persian rug in Dubai!!) and when I left for the airport after the dive trip, one of the porters walked to the hotel boat with me and carried 2 bags since it was only 2 blocks away.  The hotel boat took me to the airport at no charge and were super good to us.
Diving in Maldives
On the boat, Carpe Vita,  the cabins were HUGE. The staff was very similar to our Thailand trip in that they were extra accommodating.  I have to say that my favorite part of the trip was the bar tender and Chef.  Both were from Sri Lanka and the food the chef made, was out of this world.  He made so many different vegetable curry dishes that we were all raving at how good it all was and that we were eating vegetables I wouldn't have touched with a barge pole!!  I actually ate and got the recipe to the curry beet dish he made!!  My mom can attest to the fact that I have never so much as touched a beet in my life but after seeing it and hearing everyone else talk about it I had to try it and it was phenomenal.  The chef made special dishes for one of the brazilian guests that wouldn't eat sea food, Frank who can't eat anything with pepper and me with no mushrooms.  He made 2 different birthday cakes in honor of the 2 people celebrating their birthdays.  Couldn't have been better!
The bartender was also the server for most meals and made special juice mixes several mornings but really made sure that every need we had while dining or in the dining area was met.  Just such wonderful guys!!
The boat was awesome.  Had a ton of room so that you could enjoy the sun deck and hot tub or the air conditioned salon for watching videos or reading.  Wonderful accommodations and crew!!
Auther:  Mary M