Palau April 2010

Palau April 2010

Time of Year You Went: April 2010


Overall we had a wonderful vacation.  The islands of Palau by themselves are not a vacation destination although learning about their culture and maternal way of leadership is intellectually interesting.  Also learning about the WWII battles on Palau was eye opening.  Fresh fish and cheap sashemi was a highlight.  The diving was very good and Blue Corner was a great experience.

Our diving companions were great, 2 from Denmark, 3 from Australia, and 7 from USA.  The fishing was trip was fun.  I caught ten fish - barracuda, blue and yellow fin tuna, and wahoo.  The biggest was a four foot wahoo.  We didn't catch a marlin but we tried.  Our leader knew the area and in talking to others who fished, we did very well.  The boat cost $800 for the day, it didn't matter how many people were on the boat - so Wanda joined me and really enjoyed it.  The hotel (Palau Sea Passion) was what we expected, a 3 star.  It was clean, quiet and the staff were polite.  Our flights went exactly as scheduled.

Thanks for your help in setting this up - we really depend on your expertise.

Ken and Wanda