Update on Truk Lagoon

Update on Truk Lagoon

Blue-lagoon-9-web.jpgThis remote corner of the world, aka "The Graveyard of the Pacific", is a favourite trip for many wreck enthusiasts.

On March 29 this year it was severely damaged by Typhoon Maysak.

Lives were lost, many homes destroyed and the liveaboard Truk Siren was damaged, looted and then burned down. So sad!
The Truk Odyssey LiveaboardLuckily the Truk Odyssey sustained damage that can be repaired and will be back in service in July.

The SS Thorfinn was able to ride out the storm without damage and is fully operational.



Good news is that the owners of the Truk Siren will have a new vessel, the Truk Master, in place in early March 2016.
Both resorts (Blue Lagoon Resort and Truk Stop Hotel) sustained damages, but are in operation.


If you are interested in heading to Truk, there is still space onboard Truk Odyssey:
Dive in Truk Lagoon- Hydrosports trip August 30, 2015
- Nanaimo Dive Outfitters November 22, 2015
- For additional dates, please check with us.

Here is a combo trip onboard Palau Siren and 3 days at Truk Blue Lagoon Resort:  Scuba 2000 December 1 - 15, 2015

There is also space onboard SS Thorfinn with Dan's Dive Shop March 12, 2016