Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos

turks-caicos-grace-bayThe Turks & Caicos Islands are part of the British West Indies and lie at the end of the Bahamas chain in the Caribbean, just a 75 minute flight from Florida.
This island paradise is surrounded by one of the most extensive coral reef systems worldwide.  Excellent visibility (up to 200 feet), pristine reefs, abundant tropical flora and fauna, fish and other marine life, quality diving services and easy conditions make these islands a world class and award-winning diving destination.

PROVO (officially: Providenciales)
The main island has the most resorts and services.  It is also the gateway to the smaller islands. Choose from all-inclusive resorts to units with kitchenettes.

Even though this is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, time seems to stand still on this quaint and peaceful island. The streets of Cockburn Town on Grand Turk are shared between a few cars, horses and donkeys. Even the addition of a cruise ship terminal on the south end of the island has not changed this.

turks-caicos-stingrayThis tiny island (seven miles long and about a mile and a half wide) is perfectly set up for divers. There are spectacular wall dives just a few hundred feet off the white sandy beaches. A turtle encounter is a given on almost every dive. During the winter (Jan-March) humpback whales migrate through this area. The entire west side of the island is protected by a National Park. If you want great dives, a relaxed and casual atmosphere while mingling with the locals and superb beaches, Grand Turk is the perfect dive getaway for you.

 Our Partners on Grand Turk are Oasis Divers (various accommodation choices), Ports of Call Resort, Dive Provo and Bohio Dive Resort.