The island of Bali “The Island of the Gods” is the best known of the Indonesian islands. It’s famous beaches, rice terraces and culture have kept it on the radar of travellers from all over the world since the 1920s. Just next door is Lombok, which has risen in popularity over the past decade as it has become easier to access. Both destinations are very popular with scuba divers, and for good reason. 

Both of these magical islands boast impressive WWII shipwrecks, dramatic walls and drop-offs, and large pelagics are all in a day’s dive here. From the ribbon eels and gently sloping coral gardens of Paradise Reef to the muck dives in Secret Bay’s shallow, volcanic basin, exploring the coastlines of these smaller islets offers something for every level of diver.  

The best time to dive in Bali & Lombok 

There is no bad time to visit Bali and Lombok; for big animals, ­travel June to August for mola mola, June through November for hammerheads. 

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