Dive areas in Kalimantan 

Kalimantan has a handful of islands that are known for great diving: 

Derawan Island  –  Muck diving is very popular here on Derawan Island. The sea turtle, particularly the green turtle, is the star of the islands. You can easily spot a sea turtle swimming in the clear water in daylight.  

Maratua Island – Partially encircling a massive lagoon on one end and fringed with sheer rocky walls and coral reefs along the other end. Here you will see turtles galore, schools of barracuda, sharks with the occasional thresher shark. 

Samama Island – The island is surrounded by shallow reefs providing an excellent opportunity for macro photographers. Ribbon eels, sponges, flatworms, pipefish and pygmy seahorse are some of the often-photographed objects beneath the surface. 

Kakaban Island – You can find the world’s largest and most diverse jellyfish lake, including four unique species of stingless jellyfish one of which can swim upside down. 

Dive Season 

Year-round. The best diving season is April – October.