Drift diving is a rip. It isn’t much you can do to compete with the sheer exhilaration of “flying” over the seafloor borne only by the current. Saltstraumen, about 10 kilometres/six miles from the town of Bodø, Norway, boasts some of the strongest tidal currents in the world, and for those in the know diving here is off the charts. The currents here can exceed eight knots and, at times, the difference in water height between the fjord and the ocean can be as much as one metre/three feet. All that water barrels through a three-kilometre/two-mile strait that’s only 150 metres/490 feet wide. The massive movement of oxygen-rich water attracts a wide range of marine flora and fauna; the place is a haven for underwater image-makers as it’s home to some massive coalfish. The strong currents make for rewarding, but demanding dive conditions. This is a place with sites suitable for divers of all levels and visibility is excellent, reaching 60 metres/200 feet at times, but expert advice is crucial and the local PADI Pros will match the dive to your abilities, desires and experience.