Espiritu Santo, the largest island in the group, is home to many of the areas best dive sites including the Coolidge, the 310 ft. US destroyer “SS Tucker” and Million Dollar Point, where the US Forces pushed an estimated $1,000,000 worth of construction equipment and materials into the ocean.

Diving here isn’t only about the wrecks, in fact, with the wrecks being “the big attraction”, the areas many stunning reefs and walls remain virtually untouched, offering great dive sites for all diving tastes.  Flights from North America to this “off the beaten track” destination conveniently stop in Fiji, making a combined Fiji – Vanuatu dive holiday easy.

Vanuatu is a traveller’s paradise for both topside and underwater experiences – it truly is the land of discovery. Enjoy delicious national dishes and feel warmly welcomed by the locals. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy an adventure-packed day hiking up Mount Yasur, go horseback riding on one of the many idyllic beaches, or take it slow and relax with Vanuatu’s more indulgent offerings – such as a day spa treatment or sunset cruise – Vanuatu will ensure you have experiences you will not forget. Learn about the traditional culture and customs of Vanuatu, witness the incredible land divers jump from high platforms with only vines tied to their ankles on the island of Pentecost from April through to June; and enjoy trying kava with the locals.

Underwater Sights

Some whimsically vibrant corals can be seen around Vanuatu, with a healthy population of marine life buzzing about. Rays, eels, and octopi hideout near the coral heads. You may also see huge barracuda and bigeye tuna making their rounds, gleaming in the filtered sunlight.

Near the shoreline, the elusive dugong can be found. These manatee-like creatures are gentle and quiet, beautiful to behold.