At 170 feet in length, the Thorfinn liveaboard boasts ten fully air-conditioned, double occupancy cabins, suitable for accommodating up to twenty guests. Passenger comfort is guaranteed, with room amenities including TVs and DVD players, full-length closets, and in-room vanities. Eight of the ten staterooms feature private showers and toilets, as well as double or queen size beds alongside an additional single berth, while the remaining bright and roomy cabins share shower and toilet facilities.

Thor’s Lair: This large and exclusive luxury suite, available at a slight premium, is the size of two regular cabins and features a king-size bed with adjoining sofa. Its conveniences include bedside lighting controls, computer desk, carpeted walls, and a huge shower/toilet room. A 44-inch television, bar fridge, walk-in closet, and four view-windows add a distinctly sumptuous touch.


The dedicated dining lounge onboard, with seating for all 22 SS Thorfinn guests, is the place to enjoy breakfasts cooked to order, and a wide range of other delicious, chef-prepared meals. Taking the dietary needs of individual guests into account, there’s always a variety of menu items available, including freshly baked goods that are prepared daily. Need a light snack or a refreshing cup of ginger tea? All you have to do is ask the friendly dining room staff. Outside of meal times, the dining lounge is a great place to find a new read in the overflowing bookcase, or join a lively game of cards with fellow shipmates.


Whether you’re a hard-core scuba diver, or are just on board to enjoy the views and experience, the Thorfinn liveaboard is sure to deliver on your vacation needs. The layout of this dynamic liveaboard features a sun deck with shade canopy, reading library, souvenir boutique, photo facilities, guest lounge with bar area and a 50” television/DVD player, and an extravagant, 11-person hot tub.

The ship’s partially covered sun deck is the perfect spot to finish a book or soak up some rays, while the ever-popular spa deck is the place to unwind after a dive, or to check out the stars of both the northern and southern constellations late at night. Here, the jetted tub, music, refreshments, and company of your fellow passengers are sure to take care of any aches or pains you may be feeling at the end of the day.

On ‘C’ deck, the SS Thorfinn’s guest lounge encourages some serious downtime. Among other conveniences, guests will enjoy spacious, comfortable seating, a surround-sound CD player with IPOD connection, and a guest bar offering a range of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.


As one of the highlights of any Micronesia scuba diving vacation, Truk Lagoon offers unparalleled wreck diving opportunities; and with as many as five dives daily at five different sites, the SS Thorfinn is the very best way to experience everything this unique bay has to offer. Truk, or Chuuk Lagoon, is 48 by 80 kilometers (30 by 50 miles) in size, and hides as many as 70-80 ship and airplane wrecks from the Japanese/American skirmishes of World War II.

In addition to exploring the fascinating artifacts that were submerged along with the historical wrecks, divers can expect to encounter a diverse range of marine life that’s drawn to these “shipreefs”. Over 700 fish species, and close to 400 colourful corals make their homes here, alongside sharks, numerous invertebrates, and a vast collection of tanks, trucks, bombs, and crates of fine china. With a visibility of 12-18 meters (40-60 feet), water temperatures of 28-29oC (82-84oF), and suitable dives for every skill level, the treasures of Truk Lagoon can be enjoyed by all, year-round.

There are deep dives available to those with proper certification, and the SS Thorfinn supplies banded double cylinders, and 3-4 liter pony bottles and other tech diving necessities on request. Divers can also make advance requests for optional helium, and various mixes of enriched air Nitrox and Trimix. Back on board, guests are encouraged to take full advantage of the ship’s fully-equipped camera equipment storage and maintenance facilities, and are more than welcome to enlist the aid of their friendly dive guides with the care and transport of their personal camera systems.