The waters around Guadalupe offer astounding visibility that ranges from 40-45 meters (125-150 feet), and adventurous divers here are well advised to have their underwater cameras ready at all times. Cage dive operations have identified as many as 170-180 unique Great Whites in the local bay, and viewing consistency is second to none. 

On the other hand, the sharks are attracted to the area by their main food source. Guadalupe fur seals and elephant seals use this remote island as a breeding ground. It’s likely that you’ll see these playful creatures as well as sea lions during your surface intervals and perhaps in the water. Tuna is also present on many dives.

It’s important to note that both certified divers and non-divers can participate in Great White Shark diving near Guadalupe Island. Non-divers must use a hookah system and stay in a cage at the surface. Certified divers can use scuba equipment while cage diving at 30 feet (10 meters). 

The Best Time to go Diving in Guadalupe 

August to October is the best time to dive in Guadalupe. During these months, the coldest water temperatures set at an average surface temperature of just 66°F to 70°F (19°C to 22°C). Making this the perfect temperature to attract the Great White Sharks. 

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