Take advantage of unique opportunities to visit ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, kayak amid the pink cliffs of Espiritu Santo, or witness millions of migratory monarch butterflies at the Reserva Mariposa. Land adventures are abundant in Mexico, and make for a great day or two out of the water. Jungle hiking, white water rafting, and pristine beach days can round out your vacation nicely, while providing great value for your dollar against the local peso.

Meanwhile, scuba diving packages in Mexico also offer something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or are looking to drop by a local dive shop to get PADI-certified and try your hand at diving for the first time. Both shore diving and liveaboard options are yours for the asking throughout the country, and the climate is generally warm and sunny all year, with surface water temperatures averaging between 26 and 29oC (79-84oF). To get the most out of your diving vacation in Mexico, however, the country’s Caribbean shoreline is best explored between March and August, while August through February is the peak period for discovering everything the Pacific coast has to offer.