Underwater Life

Marine life varies wildly depending on where you are within the United States. You can swim with manta rays and hammerheads in Hawaii, with dolphins and sea lions in California, and with tremendous sharks in the Florida Keys.

In freshwater locales, you can expect largemouth bass, domineering wall-eye, and even catfish that are larger than you are!


Many Americans enjoy diving and get their open water diver scuba certification in freshwater lakes or quarries near their local landlocked dive shops. USA freshwater scuba diving sites exist in most states. Pennsylvania’s Dutch Springs is a surprisingly clear, spring-fed lake with an Aqua Park and camping. Dive shops all along the east coast of the United States use the family-friendly Dutch Springs for certification and training purposes. The caverns and perfect visibility of north Florida’s Ginnie Springs is a classic example of Florida’s inland, freshwater diving options that should not be missed. There you can get a glimpse of the American freshwater eel. Born in the Sargasso Sea in the north Atlantic the eels make their way into Florida’s freshwater rivers and amazing limestone cave and spring system.