A high crew to passenger ratio provides exceptional service including chef prepared meals, video and photo services, unlimited diving, Nitrox & solo diving, complimentary Reef Ecology Programs and specialty dive courses. It is their attention to detail that sets them apart and puts a smile on your face.


Offering a range of accommodation choices to suit your budget, Spoilsport is equipped with 4 Premium cabins which feature a double or queen sized bed, private ensuite bathrooms and ocean views. There are 4 Standard cabins featuring twin beds with private bathrooms and large windows. The 4 Club cabins have twin bunk beds (one over the other) and private bathrooms. The 2 Budget cabins also have twin bunk beds (one over the other) and shared bathroom facilities. All cabins are air conditioned for your comfort. When you are not diving or sleeping relax in the spacious lounge / bar inside, or head up to the sun deck and enjoy the view over the Coral Sea. Computers are available for use and there is also 2 large screen TV’s with a DVD player and music.


The fare onboard the Spoilsport is award-winning and service caters to all dietary requirements. Your chef prepares all meals fresh, and you can expect truly delicious treats and snacks as well. Look forward to a nice relaxing post dive dinner feast with your new friends, discussing the day’s sights over complimentary Australian wines and soft drinks that are included with dinner. Click here for a sample menu. Vegetarians and vegans never have to go hungry with their own dedicated menus!


There is no rush or limit placed on your dive time. Standard itineraries usually offer 3 dive sites per day. Normally they have an ‘open deck’ at a single site in the morning and visit 2 sites in the afternoon (this may be reversed). This provides divers with the freedom to dive as much or as little as they want. Those in relax holiday mode may do 3 dives at each of the new dive sites while keener divers do up to 5 dives per day. Most of the dives are from the main vessel while moored over the dive site. The vessel has two inflatables for more personalized diving, plus drift and night dives. The inflatables are large and stable with substantial rear entry ladders. Mike Ball also offers Nitrox, solo diving and a Rebreather service. Please mention your interest when you book.

Global Shark Diving

In partnership with several other liveaboards, and in support of shark conservation, and to promote safe shark diving, Mike Ball Liveaboards offers an incredible shark diving opportunity. Geared to avid photographers, a small group of maximum 6 divers will enjoy 2-3 attraction dives, bringing in a variety of shark species so divers can get up close and personal. Divers can expect to shoot Hammerheads,  oceanic whitetips, tiger sharks and great white sharks to name a few.

Underwater Photography

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions offer the best diving locations to get amazing underwater photographs and videos. This is actually one of their passions at Mike Ball, so you’ll find Spoilsport’s dive deck is equipped to meet all of your digital needs. To ignite your creative juices, they also run an onboard photo competition for each and every trip. Spoilsport Photo and Video Facilities include 3 large camera stations with air guns, a 3 tier camera shelf with recharging facilities, 110v (2 prong straight pin) and 240v (Australian) socket. There are dedicated camera freshwater rinse tubs and 1x video/DVD player and 2x large wall-mounted flat screens for viewing photographs and video. An informal Guest Underwater Photo Competition is run on every expedition. Note: Guests are advised to bring adaptors for the electrical sockets to suit their individual chargers and USB digital memory card readers.


Mike Ball Dive Expeditions provides a wide range of diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and beyond. Suitable for divers of all experience levels, from novices to advanced, these trips offer awesome diving in world class destinations. You can expect friendly crew, a spacious dive deck and the chance to dive with some of the most unique marine creatures on earth, including Dwarf Minke Whales and the ancient Nautilus. From time to time, Mike Ball arranges special dive expeditions to remote areas of far northern Australia. One thing’s for certain, if you’re a diver who loves diving, you’ll love Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.

7 night Coral Sea Safari

4 night Fly Dive Coral Sea Itinerary

3 night Fly Dive Cod Hole Itinerary 

Coral Spawning: If you are lucky, you may be able to witness the incredible coral spawning that normally takes place when the water temperature is approximately 27 degrees and between the 2nd and 6th day after the November full moon. Warmer than median temperatures can cause the date to coincide with an earlier full moon, cooler conditions can cause spawning to coincide with a later full moon.

Minke Whale Itineraries: Liveaboard dive trip within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, dedicated to maximising your in-water interactions at the world’s only known Minke Whale aggregation sites. You may ask, what is the thrill of being in the water with a dwarf minke whale?  Well, it is truly remarkable to see these big, beautiful whales approach and gracefully glide past while watching you. As you come eye to eye with these amazing marine creatures you realize just how privileged we are to share the ocean with them. Minke expeditions are suitable for both snorkel and scuba divers. The close up whale action and excellent visibility on the Ribbon Reefs combines for great winter diving. The itinerary is dictated by the whales, it is carefully interwoven between known areas of high minke activity and key dive sites. The number of scuba dives advertised is the approximate number of dives provided to enable the whale focused itinerary. This itinerary appeals to anyone who loves special encounters with amazing marine creatures. Choose from 3 nights and 10 dives, 4 nights and 12 dives, or 7 nights and unlimited dives sailing on specific dates typically during June & July. Please inquire for details.

Special Exploratory Expeditions that focus on sharks, the Nautilus, reefs, and turtles are available as well. Visit rarely dived sites and discover a completely new area. Inquire for dates.

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Spoilsport soiree and Photo Shoot Out: On the last evening as the sun sets on the Great Barrier Reef, you enjoy the Spoilsport Soiree. Enjoy icy champagne and sizzling prawns as Captains Trevor or Peter get you grooving with their musical talents. Following dinner you help judge the underwater photo competition. Finally you see yourself staring in the expedition holiday DVD.