Destinations & Cruises

The dive sites here offer an incredible variety of dives, which makes this cruise so special. Marvel on one day during a leisurely dive, the rarest creatures in the macro range, and the next day drift with manta rays and large schools of fish. You can find over 1,000 species of fish in these waters, 260 species of reef corals, 70 different sponges, 17 species of whales and dolphins and two species of sea turtles.

Raja Ampat & Banda Sea
The word “fantastic” summarizes the region “Raja Ampat” well. Photographers and videographers find the best opportunities to create macro shots. But also wide-angle shots of the beautiful reef life are recommended. There are countless dive sites, all with different characters. The attentive viewer can find all sorts of “macro-animals” in crevices and on terraces of steep walls. “Raja Ampat” is also a Mecca for lovers of pygmy seahorses. These cute dwarf seahorses are found here in every shape and color, red, yellow, orange, purple or white.

Forgotten Islands
Travel back in time to the Forgotten Islands, Pindito’s newest and most remote diving destination. Anthropologists have long referred to the islands extending east from Alor and arcing up to Ceram and Ambon as “forgotten” because traditionally they have had little contact with the rest of Indonesia. You can expect to see Schools of surgeon fish, big eye jacks, and a variety of reef fish including barracudas, angler fish, scorpion fish, pipe fish and many incredible corals.

East Flores – Alor
During your dives along this exciting new route you can expect to see incredible underwater biodiversity. In addition, nutrient rich upwelling waters bring in pelagics: Sunfish (mola-mola), thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, and even marlin and sailfish. Further, the many protected pristine reefs provide a perfect home for smaller colorful creatures and up to 1,000 species of coral reef fishes and 500 species of corals. Walls, bommies and patch reef formations make for dramatic 3D underwater topography while black sand areas provide perfect habitat for muck diving and cryptic critters.

Alor – Timor
Pindito is the original pioneer of Maumere, where the cruise starts. This sleepy Indonesian fishing port has awesome critters for filming. The archipelago of Alor includes 6 islands dominated by Pantar and Alor Islands. This is the far east of the Archipelago, the 14th district of the Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara. Just to the south of Alor is West Timor, with the capital Kupang. Here is the “New Frontier” of Indonesian muck and critter diving.

Boidiversity Cruise
This trip takes you through the various geological formations of Indonesia. Visit volcanic islands and islands which are derived from coral reefs but also the fantastic “Raja Ampat”, which is an absolute highlight for every diver. Along different evolutionary lineages and major migration routes of large mammals such as whales and dolphins, this trip guarantees diversity and variety above and below water.

There are also family diving cruises, whale & dolphin cruises as well as snorkeling cruises available.


Pindito offers six double cabins and two twin cabins, creating very comfortable accommodations for up to 16 guests. Relax in the luxury of the teakwood-paneled cabins. Each 10′ x 10′ cabin is named after a mystical Indonesian island and, depending on your reservation, is appointed either with a twin bed plus an upper bunk, or with a spacious double bed…your choice. All cabins feature ensuite heads with hot and cold running water (vanity and shower as well as toilet), individually controlled air conditioning and five 220v AC electrical outlets (German 2-pole plugs), available 24 hours a day.

Double bed cabins
All of the double cabins feature individually controlled air conditioning, as well as ensuite heads appointed with a shower, washbasin, and toilet. They will happily add an upper bunk to accommodate a family with one child or two people who just want an extra surface on which to place their gear.

Twin bed cabins
The twin bedded cabins “Ambon” and “Aru” are named after the islands in the Maluku region. The cabins with one twin bed and a bunk offer more floor space than double cabins. Twin cabins are ideal for single guests — there is no surcharge for booking half a twin cabin. Twin cabins also have ensuite heads appointed with a shower, washbasin, and toilet.


Savor the international cuisine, prepared by expert chefs. The food is influenced by international and above all, Indonesian (or Asian) dishes. Breakfast is served in two slots. Continental breakfast before the first dive, and a sumptuous breakfast buffet after the first dive.

Lunch and dinner has an Asian flair, featuring meat, fish, and a variety of side dishes. Be sure to save room for special sweets and delightful desserts! Between meals, the crew will serve you snacks, including cake and cookies. Tea, coffee, juice, soda and cold water are always available.

After your last dive of the day, alcoholic beverages are available (included). Only wine needs to be ordered in advanced and paid separately.


The Lounge is the place where everybody meets for meals, shares photos and videos between dives, and socializes. The Pindito offers a computer for burning CDs/DVDS so that you can create lasting pictorial and video memories of your dives. Please bring your own blank CDs and DVDs! A satellite phone and Email access is 24h available (an extra fee is charged on board).

Also you can enjoy a variety of music and new video releases here, and feel free to plug in your laptop, camcorder or DSLR to view your images on their big screen TV. The Pindito offers a Library to learn about the reefs and fish you’ve seen on dives in their Marine Life Library. This is also a great please to curl up with a paperback between dives. Novels are available on a “take one/leave one” basis.

A Persenning (sun roof) offers shade on the beautiful sundeck during the hot day. Sun beds are available for all guests. If you want to have special view during the cruise guests have the opportunity to sit on the bow of the ship. Many memorable sun set pictures where made from this outlook.

Camera Room

Photographers and videographers will love the convenience and functionality of the Pindito’s camera room, located aft of the Lounge on the Main Deck. The Camera Room was built with the needs of modern digital underwater photographers and videographers in mind. Here you will find plenty of storage space, professional-grade work areas, and both 220v and 110v AC charging stations at your disposal. They also offer overflow space for photographers on the spacious tables in the salon (please clear for meals) and on the lounge deck when more space is needed for image-makers.

Diving Deck

Meet and prepare for your upcoming dive on the Pindito‘s Dive Deck. Take a fresh water shower after the dive, trick-out your dive gear, get help from dive staff, and just hang out before and after dives on the sun deck.

The dive deck offers enough space for all divers. Each guest receives his own box where he can store his dive gear. On the front of the ship are some hangers where you can hang up your wet dive suite. For cleaning your gear there are 2 big sweet water tanks available. For photographers and videographers there is an extra box for cleaning the cameras.


Once you’ve enjoyed a pre-dive continental breakfast you can meet the dive guides on the dive deck. Here you will be given a detailed briefing and shown a graphical representation of the dive site. After the briefing the crew will transfer your gear to the 3 Zodiacs. They load a maximum of 6 divers on each Zodiac (small group diving protects the reef!). There is no need for you to haul your own heavy gear; just climb into the Zodiac and your gear will be waiting for you there. Further, once you explain the particulars of your camera system to your guides – they will make sure that it is delivered to your Zodiac with care and consideration.

After a comfortable, short ride, you’ll be ready to dive incredibly biodiverse reefs. If you have back issues, the crew is happy to help you on and off with your tank while you are in the water. For your safety and peace of mind, the well-trained Zodiac drivers will accompany you from a safe and prudent distance during your entire dive. While underwater you can join the guide for a special tour or just do your own thing. The primary focus of the Pindito diving instructors and dive guides is to look after your safety and comfort.

After the dive, refreshments will be waiting for you aboard Pindito. Kick back and chat about your diving experiences and sip a cool beverage while screening video and sharing photos of your dive.

Typically, four dives a day are scheduled depending on weather conditions. More dives per day are available when Pindito is anchored or moored safely over a calm reef.

Typical dive times:

  • Early morning (around 7:30 AM)
  • Late morning
  • Afternoon (around 2:30 PM)
  • After dinner – an exciting dusk or nighttime dive

Safety Considerations

In the unlikely event of an emergency, they always carry a first-aid kit, diver’s oxygen, satellite telephone, VHF Radio, two life rafts, E.P.I.R.B. automatic signaling devices, and other important safety equipment, including the Nautilus Lifeline System. For safety reasons, no dives are permitted on the arrival and departure days, and alcoholic beverages are served only after your diving day is finished.


For Nitrox certified guests, they offer Nitrox (32% oxygen) fills. There is a Nitrox analyzer aboard provided for your use. They require that you keep up with the Nitrox Log Board and analyze and document all of your Nitrox fills before the dives. Remember—choosing to use and training for Nitrox is the diver’s personal decision. Should you choose to do so, you are responsible for planning dives that take into consideration the maximum operating depth (MOD) of the gas mixture as well as oxygen toxicity issues. So, plan carefully and you will reap the benefits of Nitrox diving.

Dive Rental Gear

There is a limited selection of dive rental equipment if you would prefer to rent gear. We suggest you notify us immediately at the time of booking to ensure you get a set. The Pindito offers 4 Poseidon Discovery MK VI sets, for those who are interested in rebreather diving.

Pindito’s crew is all about safety and service, and with seventeen crewmembers aboard to serve you, you can look forward to diving with the greatest of ease.