Accommodations & Meals

Guests are accommodated in four cabins. There are two double en-suite cabins with private showers at the stern, one double en-suite cabin with private shower starboard, and one cabin port with a double bunk bed.

Diving tours are all-inclusive, so you will enjoy plenty of food, snacks, and drinks in between dives. The onboard chef will gladly prepare any fish you may catch. With advance notice, any specific dietary restrictions  or preferences can be accommodated. You will attend a Cuban style food fiesta on the last day of your journey.


Sail Tomorrow’s dive guide has over 20 years of experience, and is knowledgeable of the best dive spots. All cylinders are fitted with DIN adaptable valves. All diving is performed directly from the yacht, without the use of zodiacs. A supply of rental gear is also available upon request (BCD, regulator, dive computer, lights, fins and masks). The boat is well-equipped with oxygen tanks, first aid equipment, and emergency equipment, as well as emergency response procedures, and staff who trained to execute them effectively.

With no other Liveaboards operating out of this area of Cuba, an intimate personalized experience is waiting for you. Cuba is often referred to as the island of freedom. It’s a unique place with a unique history. The vessel is stationed in Cienfuegos Cuba, a colonial city that translates “one hundred fires.”

Small group size allows to pick and choose diving spots based on group’s skill level and interests. These sites include:

Rancho Luna is located just outside of Cienfuegos. A very good place to do a check out dive, for those who are eager to get in right away. The captivating coral landscape is often times referred to as “The Labyrinth”.

Cayo Trabuco is located about 40 miles off the main coast. There is a strong current in the area that allows you to enjoy a drift dive (for experienced divers only).

Cayo Sigua is arguably one of the best diving spots in Cuba. It sits on top of a coral reef, featured with underwater vertical walls. Stingrays and turtles are often sighted here. The dive guide can lead you near shipwrecks, or you can visit an underwater cave, home to resident nurse sharks. Usually several days are spent at Cayo Sigua, while guests enjoy a combination of diving and fishing.

Jagua Bank presents an opportunity to see schools of sharks. It is located 30 miles offshore. Strong currents are often present so this is usually best reserved for experienced divers only.

Cayo Largo is a famous tourist area. The vessel enters into a marina, which is equipped with a small bar and a restaurant. There is a turtle farm nearby, and you can visit Playa Serena and enjoy it’s beautiful white sand. In addition there are about 30 dive sites to choose from.