Wow – what can we say? We asked you why you love to travel… and so many great answers were submitted! It’s harder to tabulate this, as many described similar reasons, just with different words.

From the love of the ocean, to experiencing new cultures and food, making new friends or getting away from winter temperatures and everyday stresses …. All of the reasons mentioned are good for us, and for the world.

We hear enrichment, new perspectives, and bringing the world together. Everything the world needs right now.

Thank you for participating! And stay tuned for our new challenge!

The winner of this month’s draw is: Joel Smith! Congratulations, you have just won a $100 gift card.

Here are the top 25 reasons why our clients love to travel:

  1. Experience new places, and the excitement of it all
  2. The beauty of diving
  3. Learn about other cultures
  4. Taste new cuisine
  5. Meet new people + make new friends
  6. Challenge myself
  7. New Experiences; It introduces different perspectives
  8. For the love of flying
  9. Not needing to cook
  10. Meet new sea creatures
  11. Get away from everyday stress and routine
  12. Dive in warmer water
  13. Grow my knowledge; it’s the best immersive learning experience
  14. Experience Nature all around the world
  15. To be filled with wonder and awe; Stimulation for the senses
  16. Underwater Photography
  17. Love the sun and tropical places
  18. Get away from winter temperatures
  19. Travel with friends, spending time with family
  20. Hiking
  21. It helps to appreciate where we live
  22. Allows different dive experiences
  23. Interesting historical sites
  24. Hear other languages
  25. Intangible rewards for the soul; Making memories