“What is the best dive destination in the world?” – likely one of the most asked question we hear from new divers, or divers who haven’t travelled beyond their local dive sites.

Well, we didn’t want to you to take our word for it, so we asked our clients and their friends to give us their opinion. We asked in our newsletter, on Facebook and Instagram to vote for your top 3 dive destinations.

Of course this list is biased. It’s fair to say that nobody who entered has been to all of these destinations. It’s not a scientific list. Perhaps someone loves diving with big pelagics, another prefers macro critters, yet another intriguing wrecks.  May we suggest you use this to stir your imagination and build your own bucket list?! Several of you have qualified your list with “…so far…” – we love it. That means there is more to come – and we say “keep ‘em coming”!

Here are the results:

Top 25 Dive Destinations

Notes: while we intended to just list countries, we recognize that some countries have incredibly diverse dive areas, for example: while both Cozumel and Socorro are in Mexico, they couldn’t be more diverse. So we’re listing the country, but have taken the liberty to break some down a bit further:

Indonesia: Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Lembeh Strait & Komodo

Mexico: Cozumel & Socorro

Honduras: Roatan & Utila

And here are some countries that are still worth mentioning – perhaps you have not considered them, but they each received 1 vote:

Malaysia (Sipadan), Tanzania (Mafia Island), S. Africa (Aliwal Shoal), St. Croix, Tobago, Vanuatu, Haiti, Panama (Malpelo), Dominica

Thank you to everyone who voted! So where are you going next?

Raja Ampat - copyright Tobias Zimmer