The team of Fly & Sea Dive Adventures

from left to right: Edina, Michelle, Irene, Petra, Julie

2022 is all about 25 for Fly & Sea Dive Adventures!  We are celebrating our 25th anniversary! Watch for many different ways we are highlighting this milestone.

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Here are 25 reasons why we love our job – put together by the team of Fly & Sea Dive Adventure:

  1. We LOVE fulfilling DREAMS!
  2. We love to talk about and sharing our passion for diving and travel
  3. Learning about interesting and beautiful places around the world and their different cultures, foods, and traditions etc., many people haven’t heard of.
  4. Finding unique experiences, especially the off the beaten path ones!
  5. Exceeding expectations while creating one of a kind travel experiences, plan and deliver life long memories for our travellers.
  6. Great clients who are happy to be planning their dream trip, talking about diving & travelling – a great positive environment
  7. Great challenges and professional development. It’s never boring!
  8. The flexibility (work from home when needed) allows us to manage work and family (short commute). We can work from anywhere in the world!
  9. We love to organize and plan! The spreadsheets, the plans, etc. bring us joy
  10. Working with some amazing vendors all over the world; the people we’ve met and relationships we have built over the years!
  11. Being able to visit these amazing resorts and people ourselves as we all love to travel too. Being able to experience and immerse ourselves in different destinations’ cultures, foods, clothes and way of life.
  12. We love being able to explore behind the scenes, to have hotel tours and see what the hotels are like behind closed doors. The rooms, the kitchens. The staff. All of this really helps us make informed decisions about destinations for our travellers
  13. Meeting some amazing Dive Shop Owners, getting to know their divers and making new friends
  14. Learning more about scuba diving and all the amazing gear and courses
  15. Marketing and designing flyers and posts. It feels like art to me
  16. Being able to help people through issues while travelling, such as flight cancellations, extreme weather and global crisis and let them relax. Saving the day!
  17. How amazing, thoughtful and grateful our clients have been to us- acknowledging the work and the amount of it has made us feel very appreciated!
  18. Being a part of and contributing to a well-oiled, knowledgeable team, where we’re all highly valued.
  19. The incredible WOMEN we work with who are inspirational and amazing. The fun we have together. Love being a part of a woman run business.
  20. Being a part of the Scuba Diving Community and having something we love to do being a part of our job
  21. We love when we hear all the stories from clients on how we were able to make their travel plans amazing – that we made a difference. Love seeing pictures from their trips!
  22. We love watching our prize winners receive the great news
  23. The detail oriented nature of the business, the things you never knew behind the scenes
  24. We like what the company stands for, the values and the way we practice them.
  25. Travel done right brings the world together, makes people understand different cultures, provides a way of living for remote communities, protects the environment (including the ocean!) and widens our horizons. An entire world of Opportunity!