Most divers dream of having great underwater images or video from their dive trip. You will likely have heard of the fabulous GoPro camera, maybe you already own one! Scuba diving with a GoPro camera is an affordable way to capture the wonders of your dive vacation above or below water.  They are reasonably priced, making them a very popular choice for divers of all abilities. They are also compact and don’t weight much. This all makes them very attractive to the traveling diver who needs to squeeze as much baggage space as possible out of their luggage.

Tips for Using Your GoPro Camera

But do you know how to use your GoPro to the full extent of it’s wonderful abilities? Whether it’s being used for video or still shots, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there, as well as modifications you can make and accessories you can purchase in order to capitalize on your GoPro’s abilities.

Check out the following helpful articles by Photo Pros Joel and Jennifer Penner, courtesy of Dive Photo Guide, and make the most of your best dive travel accessory!

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