In addition to being a full service local dive shop in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island, Rockfish Divers is also a 5 Star PADI International Resort Destination. Located in central Victoria, they are offering scuba diving instruction for all level of divers, and combining this with local marine eco-system awareness, current environmental issues and best diving practices.

With two custom built dive boats, they can easily reach the local dive sites, many only 5 minutes away. Stay and Dive packages are available.

In addition to local diving & courses and equipment sales, Rockfish Divers also offers tropical dive vacations, from Cozumel to Galapagos, hosted by owners Tyler & Alisa Preston.

Asked what makes them different as a dive shop, they had this to say “Ocean protection and conservation is at the forefront of everything we offer. All of our education programs touch on how to minimize our impact on the aquatic environment, our special events and charters maintain a focus on how we, as divers, can make a difference, and we thrive off the fact that we incorporate all of this while diving in our backyard with some of the most diverse plant and sea life in the world.”

Our specialty is scientific diving, and we offer scientific dive training and research programs for our non-profit efforts to collect data to support environmental stewardship and protect the marine biodiversity of Saanich Inlet and the Southern Gulf islands.

How do we travel? If there’s an opportunity….we go!   While we have casually organized several trips over the years to places such as Palau, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Galapagos in addition to some incredible trips up and down the coast of BC, we are excited about bringing for regular travel opportunities to our customers, such as our 2019 Socorro trip, or our 2020 Antarctica trip.   We believe in community, acceptance of anyone who appreciates the awe of the ocean that diving allows, and fun while having the experience of a lifetime, whether it is diving with whale sharks, working with volunteer programs for sea turtle hatching, or shaking hands with one of our local giant pacific octopuses.

Phone: 250-516-3483
3945 Quadra St
Victoria, BC Canada V8X 1J5
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