They say a picture is worth a thousand words, need we say more?  Wakatobi is aremote, intimate and exclusive eco-friendly resort located in an Indonesian Archipelago in South Sulawesi (about 1000km fromBali) that is blessed with the planet’s most pristine and prolific tropical reefs. The resort itself is situated on a small island locally called Onemobaa. This island is beside Tomia Island, one of four major islands covering an area of 821 sq. km. Built by divers, for divers, Wakatobi was constructed directly at the seaside, with all bungalows spaced along the exquisite beach. Often divers have to choose between comforts and diving quality. Not at Wakatobi. A fully equipped resort offering comforts otherwise not associated with the best diving, Wakatobi is known for turning divers into repeat guests. All facilities at the resort were constructed by local craftsmen and were designed in traditional Indonesian style. Getting here requires a private charter flight from Bali. Wakatobi is also home base for the Pelagian Dive Yacht.


There are four levels of accommodation at Wakatobi: Villas, a 2 bedroom Villa, Ocean Bungalows, and Palm Bungalows. All accommodations are spacious and available with either a king-size bed, and/or twin beds to sleep up to three adults or two adults and two children. All of the accommodations have a balcony in front as well as lounge chairs, tables and other furnishings. There is a desk with internet access, a mini-bar, and much more. All bungalows and villas are equipped with air conditioning.

Villas For those seeking the best – these are the nicest accommodations. Perched on low cliffs, each with its private staircase to the water’s edge, the designer villas are roomy, elegant, luxuriously appointed, and feature panoramic vistas. Amenities include fine linens, floor to ceiling panoramic windows (including in shower-room), large secluded deck, in-room bar, king size bed and high-end fixtures. Here you can entertain friends or bask in solitary refinement. There are 4 Villas available in total, including one that has 2 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom. Each has its own staircase down to the water.

Ocean Bungalows Wakatobi’s Ocean Bungalows are located directly on the beach. Spacious and cozy they’re nestled around the island. See the fish jump, hear the gentle waves and listen to the birds – all while seated on the balcony or in one of the comfortable lounge chairs in front of your bungalow. They all have huge front porches with comfortable lounge beds/ cushions and stunning views. They also have indoor bathrooms and huge Asian spa-style outdoor showers. The ones on the South end of the resort are the ones with the best breeze from the ocean and is an excellent choice for those who prefer to enjoy a holiday in the tropics without the use of air conditioning (this applies primarily during June, July and August). Each cabana is spacious and well appointed with AC, ceiling fan, a stocked fridge, free satellite internet, aromatherapy bath products, and a private deck with comfortable seating. There are 14 Ocean Bungalows available.

Palm Bungalows All of the bungalows have been built using traditional and modern elements. These very comfortable bungalows are located slightly behind and in-between the front-row of Select Bungalows amidst beautiful palm trees and other tropical plants. Available both on the South and West section of the Resort, some palm bungalows even have ocean views. Each cabana is spacious and well appointed with AC, ceiling fan, a stocked fridge, free satellite internet, aromatherapy bath products, and a private deck with comfortable seating. There are  8 Palm Bungalows available.


The resort restaurant is where you can enjoy a premier dining experience in a relaxed yet elegant setting. Most of the food supplies are flown in to the private airstrip from Bali. When available, they include fresh locally caught fish. An internationally trained team of Indonesian Chefs performs culinary magic using locally grown ingredients and imported specialty foods. Creating a delicious fusion of local and international cuisine accompanied by a fine selection of wines and spirits from around the world, the delightful menu offers many delicious ways to refuel after a great day of diving. The team is also very happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or desires. There are always multiple choices of starters, main courses and desserts. Private romantic beach side dinners are available to enjoy some quality time with your special someone. Should you wish to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning in your room they offer a la carte breakfasts served right in your Bungalow or Villa. The jetty bar is a great place to relax and watch a fantastic sunset after a day of diving at Wakatobi. Bartenders can mix your favorite drink or offer you a selection of fine wines.


Treat yourself to a revitalizing Balinese massage at the spa. A menu of different options, each designed to pamper, and rejuvenate you is available. Enjoy a relaxing facial after a manicure and pedicure. Wakatobi has a fully stocked “gift” shop at the resort. Here you will find a wide selection of T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, casual clothing, silver jewelry, hats and other logo wear. They also have some diving accessories, local souvenirs and a selection of personal items that you might need while staying at the resort. Wakatobi offers volleyball and badminton as well as more leisurely pursuits such as board games, a selection of movies and a fairly extensive library. A television set with VCD and VHS players is located in the Longhouse lounge area, along with a CD/ cassette stereo system. There’s always the beach that offers world-class snorkeling, or more simply, just a relaxing view. Daytours to neighboring villages as well as kayak tours to the mangroves, are also offered, as well as kiteboarding, stand up paddleboarding and more.


For children ages 0 to 4 years they have caring, intuitive, well trained local ladies who will work to your schedule to maintain a healthy routine for your child. Whether you need a nanny for a short night dive, or you want to do 3 dives daily and enjoy your meals as a couple, the childcare facilitator will be happy to accommodate your wishes. For older children aged 5 to 12 years there is the Wakatobi Kids Club (children aged 3 and 4 years can also join Kids Club with their nanny). A variety of fun and educational scheduled activities designed to entertain, amaze and educate your child, including: kayaking, kite making and flying, nature hunts, giant bubble games, coconut tree harvest demonstration, palm weaving, treasure hunts, snorkeling and much more!


The adventure begins only a few steps from the resort’s white powder beach where a lush drop-off stretches along several distinct dive sites. Lionfish, clownfish, rays, batfish, crocodile fish, jawfish, ghost pipefish, waspfish, schooling jacks, turtles, mandarin fish, leaf fish and several species of pygmy seahorse inhabit a reef magnificently abloom with life. Just around the corner you can even see mating mandarin fish from time to time. Brilliant soft corals, oversized gorgonians, vibrant sponges and delicate tunicates in every hue create an intricately woven tapestry of color and texture.

At night, the resort’s world famous House Reef, one of the world’s best shore dives, explodes in a flurry of activity. Some guests never go on a boat dive because the reef and wall right in front of the resort provides enough territory and diversity to keep them exploring for several days. Wakatobi is located in an area that encompasses the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. While diving at Wakatobi, you’ll not only see beautiful vistas or pristine coral reefs, but also abundant colorful reef fish and rare and unusual cryptic “critters”. New undocumented species are being discovered at Wakatobi. There are other areas of the world where you can see larger schools of fish, bigger animals and experience more adrenaline-filled underwater “rides”, but for shear reef scenery and marine life variety, you won’t be disappointed with a diving holiday at Wakatobi.

The highly qualified professional dive staff are second to none in the industry. All of the dive guides are trained instructors, with an average of 3,000 dives each. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment is their greatest concern. Regardless of your skill level, they will take the time to make sure you have a great time cruising the reefs. For advanced divers, they also have instructor-level guides with cave diving and rebreather specialties. All of our guides know the reefs of Wakatobi like the back of their hand. If there’s a critter you have always wanted to see (like a pygmy seahorse?), they will know the place to find it.

Fluorescent diving is a highlight at the resort. A well-equipped and meticulously managed dive center offers the whole range from snorkeling to Nitrox and advanced technical diving. Advanced and fully trained technical divers can utilize their skill by taking advantage of Wakatobi’s TDI Technical Diving Services. Wakatobi offers Advanced Nitrox diving in all oxygen concentration. Rebreather divers with Trimix certification can take advantage of Trimix (HeliAir) diluents and bailout gases. Advanced diving packages are available. For underwater photographers, there is a large, three-sectioned air-conditioned camera room with a wall-length, padded work bench that has everything you need for your camera. Both 220v and 110v power strips are already set up for your rechargers. There is a fridge for film and various basic tools for adjustments of cameras, lights and housings.


Wakatobi Dive Resort has been known to be one of the world’s most proactive eco-tourism resorts and has won several awards for being the most conservation-minded tourism operator in the Asia-Pacific region. Wakatobi has worked together with Project AWARE to advise operators worldwide how to contribute substantially towards the marine ecosystem. Some of the ways they support conservation are by educating guests and implementing rules about the treatment of the reef. They clean 1 km of beach daily, and conduct reef monitoring and cleaning. They reduce, separate and recycle waste as much as possible. In addition to supporting local events, schools and villages, Wakatobi innovatively sponsored electricity for the 500-person village on their resort island (including 2 km power line to the village, transformers, electrical installations in every house, providing 24 hrs maintenance team) in exchange for the villagers honoring a 3 km reef sanctuary on their traditional fishing grounds. Wakatobi also sponsors waste management in the surrounding villages on the neighboring island and sponsors public moorings and harbor facilities to reduce anchor damage. When you choose to stay with Wakatobi or sail with Pelagian, you are helping their conservation efforts.