You’ve been dreaming about your next dive trip; you’re itching to dive and travel. But – what will travel look like going forward? There are so many unknowns these days.

If you have been following the news somewhat, you know some of the things to expect. Until there is a widely available vaccine, many countries are taking extras measures to protect their residents. Once they no longer require a 14-day mandatory quarantine/self- isolation upon arrival, these may be some of the measures they are taking:

  • You may need to complete a pre-arrival registration and/or an online health questionnaire prior to arrival
  • Many countries are requiring you to present a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test upon arrival. In many cases, it cannot be older than 48 hrs, and others are 5 – 10 days
  • Some countries will require you to download a tracking app while in destination
  • You will likely need to provide contact information for the length of the stay (i.e. cell phone) for potential contact tracing
  • Some countries or airlines may perform a COVID test upon arrival unless you can provide a recent negative test result
  • Wearing a mask in public, including during your flight, maybe mandatory for the sake of your health as well as those around you
  • Temperature checks at airports and hotels will be the norm
  • You may also need proof of travel insurance that covers your medical expenses in the destination should you get sick and/or contract COVID-19


No way! Our oceans have been getting a bit of a break. They are waiting for us to explore again. Of course, when to start travelling again will be your decision, and you will need to consider many different aspects, i.e. your own personal risk category.
Planes have never been this clean. Resorts and liveaboards are making extra efforts to sanitize and keep everyone healthy.
And the locals who make their living from tourism, are waiting for us to arrive.

Of course, we are going to be more careful and will not travel when we’re sick. We may never shake someone’s hand again and will continue to keep physical distance. But we can still enjoy and explore new sights, and underwater, we don’t even need to worry. Yes, you may want to bring your own dive gear (your local dive shop will be happy to assist).

We expect that many people will wait until almost the last minute to make travel arrangements, which will make planning more difficult for both the liveaboards and resorts, as well as for us. Many resorts and liveaboards have implemented less restrictive terms in order to accommodate all the uncertainties. Let’s keep in mind that we’ve all been relying on good-will policies from them for the last few months, and will continue to do so. But they need our
business in order to survive. Travel brings the world together, expands people’s horizons, and generally makes everyone more accepting of one another. Let’s do our part.

Our team here at Fly & Sea Dive Adventures will be available to assist in finding the right destination for you. If you’ve got the travel bug – you will not stop to travel for diving. Whether it’s closer to home for the next year, or you want to continue to explore the more remote areas of this planet, you can count on us ….. Call us and let’s have a conversation!