Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive dive resort and conservation centre located in remote southern Raja Ampat,Indonesia. The private resort island, Batbitim is nestled deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the very epicentre of marine biodiversity. The island is fringed with powder white beaches protected by stunning clear lagoons and abundant reefs. With just 12 guest holiday cottages, Misool Eco Resort is able to offer exclusive luxury diving holidays, surrounded by the world’s richest reefs.

In October 2010, Misool Eco Resort presented the Raja Ampat government with a petition signed by over 8,500 people, encouraging them to protect sharks and manta rays. Together with Shark Savers, they were able to persuade the head of Raja Ampat to establish a sanctuary for the entire 17,000 sq mi/46 million hectares of Raja Ampat. The law protecting sharks went into effect on February 21, 2013. The case was built on the economic value of these creatures – they’re worth so much more alive than dead to the people of Raja Ampat. When you stay at Misool Eco Resort, you are supporting numerous conservation efforts started and maintained by the resort.

Thanks to the extremely remote location, you can enjoy the variety and quality of live aboard diving combined with all the comforts of a land-based holiday resort. The diversity of Raja Ampat’s underwater topography is simply astounding, abounding in all manner of reef systems. Visibility is generally 25+ meters, with temperatures around 26-28 degrees Celsius (78-82 degrees Fahrenheit). You can expect to dive a wide selection of coral covered walls, reef flats, caves and swim throughs, gentle sea mounts, placid lagoons, and current-raked pinnacles.

Getting to Misool Eco Resort

You fly into Sorong, where the resort will pick you up, and arrive at Misool Eco Resort 3-4 hours later. The transfer vessel, Marandan, is a brand new 14 meter (46 foot), fiber glass boat with a seating capacity of 20 persons. There is additional seating outside. The cabin features reclining seats, air-conditioning, toilet, shower, and all safety equipment. Marandan is powered by three 250 horsepower engines.


Misool Eco Resort offers eight luxurious Water Cottages, built on stilts above the placid horseshoe-shaped North Lagoon. There are also several Deluxe Villa accommodations available. All cottages feature private en suite bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, a hammock built right into the veranda, and steps leading into the sea.

The holiday cottages are built to European standards of comfort and safety, artfully blending indigenous natural materials with meticulous detailing. Every single piece of lumber used to build the small haven has been milled from salvaged driftwood and free-fallen timbers collected in Raja Ampat and the nearby island of Seram.

Water Cottages

  • Total area about 80 square meters (861 sq.ft.)
  • 4.5 meter x 9 meter (15 ft. x 30 ft) shaded veranda
  • Steps from private veranda down into the North Lagoon
  • Hammock built into your veranda
  • House Reef just a few fin-kicks away
  • Air-conditioning, plus insulated and plastered walls
  • Fan
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Natural traditional alang-alang grass roof
  • In-room electronic safe
  • Mosquito net
  • Accordion-style glass doors at front for an unobstructed view of the North Bay from your bed
  • 2 meter x 4 meter (6.5 ft x 13 ft) Balinese-style half-covered bathroom
  • Hot water shower
  • Western-style flush toilet

Deluxe Villa

This gorgeous 2-room villa is conveniently located near the dive centre, built on the outer edge of the North Lagoon. Its massive outdoor living area faces east and enjoys glorious sunrise views, all your own.

  • Total area about 120 square meters (1291 sq.ft.)
  • 4.5 meter x 9 meter (15 ft. x 30 ft) shaded veranda
  • Private air-conditioned bedroom adjoins separate fan-cooled living room
  • Outdoor living area with built-in day bed
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Natural traditional alang-alang grass roof
  • Refrigerator
  • Kettle, coffee and tea
  • In-room electronic safe
  • Mosquito net
  • Accordion-style glass doors at front for an unobstructed view towards the tiny islands on the Eastern horizon
  • 2 meter x 4 meter Balinese-style bathroom with an open-air shower
  • Hot water shower
  • Western-style flush toilet


The restaurant is located in the centre of the horseshoe on the beach, tucked behind the coconut palms. Offering Asian fusion cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh local produce and fish. The terrace is the perfect place to relax after a day’s diving, watching the baby black tip sharks hunting in the lagoon.

The chef has created a menu with the discriminating palate in mind, offering exceptionally tasty, nutritious, and whenever possible, organic fare from local sources. Of course, international delicacies are also offered

Typically a simple pre-dive breakfast buffet is served.  The main breakfast and lunch offers a wide variety of choices, buffet style. A variety of dishes are on offer for the evening meal.

Special dietary needs and restrictions can easily be accommodated  – just let us know well in advance so we can make arrangements.

Diving In Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, Indonesia is home to the world’s richest reefs and dive sites. Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, the region sprawls over 4.6 million hectares (17,000 sq miles) and boasts the majority of the world’s reef-building corals. In fact, in an area the size of two football fields, scientists discovered more than six times as many coral species that live in the entire Caribbean Sea.

Raja Ampat has over 700 species of mollusks and 1,397 species of fish. Counted among those is the newly discovered ‘walking’ epaulette shark, commonly seen on night dives on the house reef.

Within a 10-minute ride from the resort, you will be offered 20 world-class dive sites. Some of the more famous dive sites include Fiabacet, Boo, Magic Mountain, Yilliet, and Gorgonian Passage.

Misool Eco Resort’s Dive Centre features separate wet and dry areas. The wet area is equipped with plenty of rinse tanks and ample space for cameras. The dry area looks out towards the famous dive sites of Fiabacet, just a 5-minute boat ride away.