Does “eat-sleep-dive” sound like the perfect holiday? The ease of Liveaboard diving offers you just that! A floating hotel with easy access to remote dive sites.
Diving, traveling and meeting new, like-minded friends makes for a memorable vacation. Enjoy the complete package with all the benefits and none of the hassles.
Plan your unique scuba diving adventure and indulge in a truly exceptional and enriching experience that has been tailor made just for you.

Welcome to Fly & Sea Dive Adventures. Like you, we are divers and love the joy of travelling and experiencing new adventures. Together, our team of scuba diving travel agents has over 100+ years of experience helping plan custom scuba dive vacations for individuals and groups. Working closely with the world's top dive resorts, dive operators, and liveaboard dive boats, we deliver an exceptional scuba diving vacations to divers and snorkelers of all skill levels. We look after your entire dive vacation arrangements, including airfare, diving, accommodation, topside activities and insurance so all that you have to worry about is if you have time for a massage before your next dive. 

Whether you are looking for a luxury Raja Ampat liveaboard dive holiday, a quaint and comfortable Caribbean dive resort, or an eco dive resort in the South Pacific, we can get you there.  If you are thinking scuba diving vacations, think Fly & Sea Dive Adventures, your dive travel agency.  

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Featured Destination - St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius, also affectionately known as Statia – is one of those hidden gems in the Caribbean that not many divers have ever heard of. If you like venturing off the beaten path and are on the search for a reef system of 30sq kilometers/3000 hectares that is protected by a National Park, consider this your next destination. From sharks to seahorses, and one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean (100 m/327 ft in length), set your sights on beautiful coral reefs to lost shipwrecks. Statia is definitely here to impress.

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